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Fysical Solutions

Dr.W. Dreesweg 17 A 1188 KA Amstelveen, Tel. 020-8201102

Welcome to Fysical Solutions – the practice for physical therapy in Amstelveen. Our team of professionals is available on a daily basis to help you progress rapidly to your level of fitness and vitality. Through our personal touch and use of various specialties you will quickly reach a state of balance within your body. Fysical Solutions physical therapy practice offers five modern treatment rooms and one highly equipped training room. High quality training equipment is at your disposal to support and guide your recovery. Our ARP/RSQ1 treatment method is especially unique and aids elite athletes in recovery of muscle and tendon injuries at a 50% higher rate than normal.


Fysical Solutions physical therapy practice is located in Amstelveen South – Bovenkerk. Our address is Maalderij 35 (in the ROC building). There is free parking in front of the building with handicapped parking, which easily facilitates our wheelchair bound customers. Parking is FREE

High quality physical therapy with a professional and personal touch. The most modern practice for physical therapy and associated specialties in Amstelveen South – Bovenkerk. ARP/RSQ1


All our physical therapists are registered in the BIG and the quality register of the KNGF. Since 1 January 2006 Direct Access to Physical Therapy (DTF) has become part of health care policy, hence you are able to directly pursue treatment with a physical therapist.

You no longer need a referral letter! The physical therapist will first offer you a screening for your health issues to make sure that physical therapy treatment is advisable. If it is advisable the therapist will start treatment. If additional information is needed the therapist – with your permission – will contact your personal physician for further information. After consultation a decision can still be made to pursue treatment. If you were referred to us by a specialist and you need to return prior to finishing your treatment, you will receive a progress report (you will need to inform us in a timely manner of your specialist appointment].

When you come for treatment you will be asked whether you have a preference for one of our therapists. If you have no preference you will be assigned to a therapist with the shortest waiting list. Of course a therapist’s specialty will be taken into consideration when you are assigned. It is important that you bring your proof of medical insurance and valid identification when you come for your first visit to our practice.


Our therapies and treatments are covered under many insurance policies. Be sure to check your specific health insurance package carefully. If in doubt you can contact Fysical Solutions and we will check your policy for you.