John Codrington

Orthopedic Manual Therapist

Since a young age John has been passionate about sports: Skateboarding, Basketball, Baseball, Running, Squash, Tennis, Fitness training, Exercise, Bodyshaping, and Cycling, Because of his engagements in sports and his own experience with injury treatments he became interested in physical therapy as a profession.

After obtaining his VWO diploma in 1987 he started with his education in physical therapy at the Hogeschool of Amsterdam. He obtained his diploma in physical therapy in 1993. Subsequently he worked initially as an observer and then as a provider with several soccer clubs including Sporting Noord and RCH. In 1999 he worked as a part time physical therapist for Medichoice in Zoetermeer. From August 2000 till August 2008 he worked as a fulltime physical therapist with Manual Fysion.

In May 2007 John completed his education in Orthopedic manual therapy successfully. He started the JUMPh practice in Amstelveen in 2008. This practice was the first in the Netherlands to start with the ARP – precursor to the RSQ1 treatment. Starting September 2009 he served for two seasons as orthopedic manual therapist for the Amsterdam Basketball Club. In September 2013 he took the next step towards starting his own practice.

Fysical Solutions is a modern practice devoted to physical therapy and orthopedic manual therapy. Our mission is to assist people in improving their fitness and vitality levels.


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